About us

ReorderPoint.com was invented by a group of technology, statistics and inventory management experts for the sole purpose of helping you optimize inventory levels.

We know that many businesses struggle every day with forecasting inventory needs. Buying too much reduces cash flow and buying to little affects customer service. But forecasting inventory is time consuming and complex. Moreover, the typical tools that businesses use for inventory and order management do not adequately address the problem. Forecating inventory is a moving target that needs to take into account past sales history, trends, seasonality, promotions, production times, supplier availability and delivery schedules. While no forecasting method is 100%, we believe by implementing reorderpoint.com's systematic approach to purchasing your inventory levels will be more in line with sales and you will spend less time figuring out when to order inventory and how much to order.

ReorderPoint.com is a service of NumberCruncher.com, Inc. Since 1999 NumberCruncher has been providing inventory and order management software to small and medium sized businesses. Thousands of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors rely on NumberCruncher solutions to manage their everyday business activities across the globe. From inventory control to production management to order processing and fulfillment, these solutions are unmatched in the marketplace.

Our team

Ian Benoliel

Ian Benoliel linkedin

ianb@reorderpoint.com CEO

An inventor at heart, Ian has 25+ years experience building companies and software that help small and medium sized businesses manage their orders and inventory and grow revenue. A long time corporate CPA, he has since traded in his suit and tie in his pursuit to build new and innovative solutions by leveraging the latest technologies. He holds a BBA from York University, his CA from the Institute of Charted Accountants of Ontario and his CPA from the University of Illinois.

Josh Bernman

Josh Berman linkedin

josh@reorderpoint.com CTO

Josh brings to reorderpoint.com nearly a decade of experience in bridging the gap between business and technology. A software engineer at heart, he oversees all technical aspects of reorderpoint.com while playing a key role ensuring product development exceeds customer expectations. Josh has an extensive background in building high scale, consumer facing web properties and helping to automate the fashion industry’s supply chain. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Landers College.

Kim Krug

Kim Krug

kimk@reorderpoint.com Sales

From humble beginnings in customer service Kim now runs the sales department and manages all aspects of customer relations. Having been with the company for 6 years Kim’s intricate knowledge of the needs of small businesses enables her to match customer requirements with the right programs and services. Her background in various industries of manufacturing, wholesale and distribution brings much needed experience to the entire team.

Ashley Skelly

Ashley Skelly

ashley@reorderpoint.com Technical Support

From assisting IT teams in recovering from server crashes, to helping corporate executives understand tech related issue, to training new client staff on implementing new products and procedures, Ashley’s experience in technical support covers all the bases. Having a background working directly with management teams in implementing new policies and procedures and turning previously unsuccessful processes around, she is no stranger to taking over a role and bringing it to the next level. Starting as a junior support engineer in 2012, her ability to master database and inventory system implementations and integrations while connecting to clients with ease has seen her move into a leadership position with responsibilities covering all aspects of technical support. Ashley studied International Business at Florida International University.

Felicia Berg

Felicia Berg

fab@reorderpoint.com Business Development

Felicia has been with NumberCruncher since 2003. She has held a variety of positions including technical support, sales and public relations. Before NumberCruncher Felicia held positions in sales, event planning and teaching. Felicia attended York University in Toronto.

Felicia Berg

Keri Levine

keri@reorderpoint.com Support Coordinator

One of the newest additions to the team, Keri coordinates all customer service and keeps everyone in the office on task. After spending many years in the casino industry helping some of the largest casino operations in customer relations, machine monitoring and various marketing roles, her management and organization skills bring much needed order to the many moving parts at reorderpoint.com.

Dr. Dragan Radulovic

Dr. Dragan Radulovic

radulod@aol.com Statistics Consultant

Dr. Dragan Radulovic is founder and chief of Dragon Delta Analysis. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Statistics at University of Connecticut in 1999. He conducted Post-Doc research at Princeton University (2001-2003). Later, he joined the Department of Statistics at Yale University (2001-2003) and the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University (2003-present). He is author of numerous research papers and several U.S. Patents. His research interests include Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.